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Lehsuniya ( catseye chrysoberyl)

White sapphire

Ruby / manik



Gomed / Hessonite Garnet

Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj (1)

Blue Sapphire/ Neelam (2)

Emerald / Panna




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Gemstones Bracelets

Yellow Sapphire

Brings Fortune and Fame

Yellow Sapphire

Brings Fortune and Fame

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Yellow Sapphire

Brings Fortune and Fame


Nourishment of heart and soul


Play of Colour thats unmatched - uniquely its own

Buy Gemstones Online at best prices

Yellow Sapphire

Brings Fortune and Fame

Blue Sapphire

Brings Fortune and Fame


Improves mental health and emotional stability

Blue Sapphire

Brings Fortune and Fame


Improves mental health and emotional stability

Exclusive Natural Gemstone

Kashmir Blue sapphire


Columbian Emerald


Zambian Emerald


Basra Pearl


Burma Ruby


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find authentic natural gemstones, and is it secure to make an online purchase?
"Ensure a secure gemstone purchase by selecting reputable websites and insisting on a certificate of authenticity from esteemed laboratories like IIGJ, IGI, GJI, and GIA. Opt for specialized gemstone dealers over general jewelers. Consult our certified gemstone experts in person, over a call, or through live chat for a confident buying experience. Enjoy quality assurance and a lifetime guarantee when you shop at"
What gemstone should I wear according to my date of birth (Kundali)?
"If you're looking for gemstone advice based on your birth details, consider consulting a professional astrologer or explore free online gemstone recommendations here. If you're unsure about your exact birth time or date, you can also choose a gemstone based on your birth month or Zodiac sign. The key gemstones and their corresponding planets in Vedic astrology are Yellow Sapphire (associated with Jupiter), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Emerald (Mercury), Ruby (Sun), Opal and Diamond (Venus), Red Coral (Mars), Pearl (Moon), Hessonite (Rahu), and Cat's Eye (Ketu)."
How can one verify whether a gemstone is natural and untreated?
Identifying gemstones requires gemological expertise. When purchasing, ensure you buy from a reputable source and obtain a certificate of authenticity. This document should explicitly state whether the gemstone is natural or synthetic, and if any treatments have been applied to enhance its properties. Refer to our Gemstone Buying Guide for more information.
How can I discover a healing stone that suits me?
Wearing healing stones is based on personal intention or purpose, and it doesn't necessarily require astrological recommendations. Each natural crystal possesses its own unique energy and vibrations, offering various benefits. You have the flexibility to wear a single stone or multiple stones according to the needs of your mind and body. Explore and experience the energy and benefits of our activated and energized natural crystals. Discover your healing stone here.
How can I determine the value of a gemstone?
The rarity and quality, including color, clarity/transparency, lustre, cut, shape, and size, play crucial roles. You have the flexibility to choose a gemstone quality based on your preferences and budget. Premium quality stones, being rare, hold high value. At Shubh Gems, our business model is direct from mines to customers, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring that customers receive gemstones at the best prices.
What advantages come with wearing gemstones?
Vedic astrology has linked gemstones with solar planets for centuries, attributing significant energy to natural gemstones and crystals. To unlock their full benefits, it's crucial that the gemstone is 100% natural and untreated. Synthetic, treated, and low-quality gemstones may lack the power needed for astrological and healing benefits.
How can one determine the carat weight of a gemstone for astrological purposes?
One approach is to consider your body weight (1 Carat for 1/12th of body weight), or alternatively, base the decision on the gemstone's quality. Opting for premium quality may yield equally beneficial results with a lower carat weight compared to medium quality. It's important to note that low-quality and treated gemstones are not recommended for astrological purposes.
Is Maniwipaa Gems genuine?
Manidwipaa Gems is supported by a team of gemstone experts, boasting a legacy of 25 years, a satisfied customer base of over 1 lakh, and an extensive collection of 100% natural gemstones sourced directly from mines. As India's #1 most reliable platform to purchase certified gemstones online, Manidwipaa Gems provides a lifetime guarantee of gemstone purity and offers a full refund in case of any authenticity concerns. Shop with complete confidence and assurance at